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Dr. James Goldsworthy

Music Director

Now in his eighth year of service at Lamington Presbyterian Church, Jim Goldsworthy remains honored to continue the tradition of work that Liza Calisesi and her predecessors provided as music directors. He has been a church musician since 1963, when he was first inspired to study piano and organ with his grandmother's dear friend, Dorothe Lanning, music director of First Memorial Presbyterian Church of Dover, New Jersey. He played his first church service at Grace United Methodist Church (Dover) in July 1968, subsequently serving as organist at that same church from fall 1971 to the end of summer 1975.


Jim has played worship services, performed concerts, and/or directed choirs in numerous houses of worship, including many different denominations, in the United States, Europe, Israel, and Japan, and for congregations of many different faiths from anabaptists to zen buddhists. His most recent church position prior to that of Lamington, was as organist and subsequently interim music director of Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, New Jersey. At Lamington Presbyterian Church, as in all other positions in which he has served, he seeks to bring all congregants in closer communion with their individual faith and that of the faith of the collective whole of the Church or Temple through the richly expansive and deeply expressive voice of music.

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