The History of Lamington Church
    (Month) (Date), 1826 - Present


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Our sanctuary was built in 1826 across the street, steeple added in 1854, moved to current location in 1885.

Hook and Hastings Organ dates back to 1889!

The Cemetery on Lamington Road has an historic section with several former pastors, Revolutionary soldiers, and veterans of 19th century wars. The newer section and Memorial Garden continue to be a sacred place of remembrance for those who have passed.

The Cemetery on Cowperthwaite Road dates back to the 19th with slaves and free black members of our congregation. We are a congregation who will learn from the past working for God's future. 

The Schoolhouse was built in 1918 and in 1963 became a church school. It is now a yoga studio for PS108 and a space for community gatherings.